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   Engineering Drawings: SS-4

SS- 4 Static Slot Tensioner

The Static Slot Tensioner is the classic tensioner design. It works equally well outside or inside the belt, if there is enough room for an inside installation. Plus it can even function as an idler pulley to change the belt direction or increase the teeth in mesh. York offers an engineered, catalog solution to the need for a tensioner in a belt drive system.

Operating Characteristics
Range of adjustment - .80 inches (20mm)
Maximum force against belt - 10 pounds (4.5 kg) continuous, 15 pounds (6.8 kg) peak

* Mounting Data:
     Approximate footprint without idler pulley of .90 inches (22.9mm) wide by 2.6 inches
     (66.0mm) long
     Minimum clearance from mounting surface to bottom of pulley is .18 inches (5.1mm) except       plastic sleeve bearings require .23 inches (5.8 mm) minimum clearance.
     Requires one hole tapped 10-32 or M5 x .8 either through sheetmetal, or blind hole with       minimum .38 thread depth. See drawing below.

If needed, mounting spacers are available from York for higher than standard belt clearances. See www.york-ind.com/spacers or contact York for details.

** Tensioner Height:
To find your tensioner height, determine Pulley Width + Belt Clearance desired = X
     If X is less than or equal to .600 (15.2mm), tensioner height is 0.925 (23.5mm)
     If X is between .600 (15.2mm) and .875 (22.2mm), tensioner height is 1.200 (30.5mm)
     If X is larger than .875 (22.2mm), consult York Engineering

York tensioners are designed to mount securely onto a flat surface with just a single screw. The tensioners allow minimal clearance between the belt and mounting surface. Tensioners also feature different shaft lengths so they are also adjustable by York to provide greater clearance heights if needed. The York website's Tensioner Configuration Tools automatically account for shaft changes, if needed, when they create the specific tensioner part number for your application. Where even greater belt clearances are needed, York can provide machined, anodized spacers to act as a raised tensioner mounting base. Spacers are available in custom thicknesses while standard catalog spacers .38 inches thick (9.7mm) for Size 4 and .25 inches (6.4mm) for Size 3 tensioners are always in stock at York. Spacers are shown below and fit within the same footprint as the tensioners themselves. The spacer part numbering system uses the last two digits of the part number to indicate the thickness in decimal inches, with a tolerance of +/- .01.